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Recordings I have done over the years...

Original Tunes

  Check out my CD, "The One The Road Leads To"

  In Cold Blood 'live'

  Lazy Bones 'live'

  Red Guitar 1980 by Miff Laracy

  Holy Ground 2006 by Candice Graham and Miff Laracy

  Help is on the Way 2006 by Candice Graham and Miff Laracy

Odds 'n Ends

  Why Don't You Love Me - Ol' Hank Vocals, Guitars, Drums

The West Coast Pinups

All original honky tonk band. Mostly moved off to Austin.

  Last One To Know Tremolo guitar lines, solo, backup vocals

  Devil In Your Eyes Crunchy rhythm guitar, solo, backup vocals

The Ranch Rockers

Contemporary Country Band

  Leave the Pieces Mandolin

  Good As Gone Mandolin

  Good As I Once Was Lead vocal, Pedal Steel

  Ride Tremolo Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Sara Petite

Sittin' in on Mandolin - YouTube

  Tiger Mountain

The Splinters

circa 1991 live at Bodie's downtown San Diego
 John Geenen - Lead vocals and acoustic guitar
 Miff Laracy - Harmony vocals and lead guitar
 Skid Roper - Bass
 George Kosta - Drums

  Red Neck Woman - Lyle Lovett

  Please Please Baby - Dwight Yoakum

  Still the Night - Bodeans

  The Losin' End - Neil Young


Almost all original local rock band. Still gigging from time to time.

  And She Goes 12 string, lead lines, guitar solo, backup vocals

  Can't Put You Down lead lines, guitar solo, backup vocals

  Switch Box Susan intro guitar, riffs throughout, backup vocals

Married By Elvis

I venture into the area of pedal steel guitar...

  Mama Was Miss Ventura Pedal Steel

  I'm Coming Home Pedal Steel again

  True Friend Pedal Steel again

Alternate Realities

Experimental improvisation band. Drum and bass tracks were handed to me to add whatever I wanted.

  Irma's Reflection all guitars, lap steel

  Monkey Feet all guitars

  Space & Time all guitars

Cobain Morrisson

All original rock band.

  Can't Find My Way Home all guitars

  Little White Lies all guitars, backup vocals

Emerald River Band

Country band doing covers. From a demo recording.

  Blame It Lead Guitar

  That's Where It Hurts Lead Guitar

Tenor Saxophone

  Harlem Nocturne Oldies band, a trio.

  Thunderballs Jose Sinatra and the Troy Dante Inferno

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